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Website Design

Design is more than form and function at Flyhigh Studios. We can create beautiful websites for any occasion. We can do brochures, logos, and even schedules for your club or event. We can also design with your small business or established company brand in mind. We can do shopping carts for eCommerce. Even if your design is just an idea, bring it to us and let us take off with it. We’ll help you lift your ideas off the ground and make them come to life through our stunning and meticulous designs.  

Website Design

Your website is designed from your direct input but also with the professional guide to make sure not only does your website look amazing, but it’s what you want!

Branding & Logo

We can create a beautiful logo and design or re-design for your company or small business. A simple step-by-step process will make sure it’s done efficiently and done with quality!

Content Strategy

Your website’s content is carefully taken into consideration. We will create different  formats to make sure what you do is shown efficiency and all resources are available without trouble. Your content should be found exactly as it was intended and to have the best chances to be found via search engines like Google,  Bing and Yahoo. Your information is tracked via Google Analytics!

Website Development

Simple pricing and straightforward business. Flyhigh studios was founded by a professional with over fifteen years of experience doing business online, and our mission is to support your needs with that experience. We’ve learned a lot on our flight so far, let us help you integrate what we’ve learned into your website. We’ll help you design, build, host, publish, and optimize content. Then we’ll continue to support and expand your efforts through a long relationship of continued business and customer service.
Powered Content Management Systems

Your website is created from start to finish with a personal touch and careful thought process to make sure your information is presented and found exactly as it should be! With full Content Management support you’ll always be able to update your website with a simple login. A 1 time tutorial on logging in, and updating information will be provided via in person, or via video confrence.


Keep things simple with a yearly pricing schedule for your company, buisness, or event and have it all under one roof!

Maintenance & Updates

Your website comes with automatic updates to the newest versions without you having to worry your information won’t be displayed correctly. If there’s any problems or crashes we’ll make sure it’s fixed and back to working order free of charge!

My Process


Let’s learn your online goals like who is your audience and how can we better engage them, and we’ll get focused on what you’re looking for.



Our focus is on beauty and execution. If you have a few different ideas, we’ll run with those. We’ll provide a sample of design pallets and expand on those with your imagination.



After our designs are finalized, we’ll provide you with an accurate picture of what your website or service will look like before we publish.


We can suggest platforms to build upon or work together to update your current platform. Our platforms are industry standards like WordPress. We use platforms that are integrated with content management tools and search engine optimization.

We can create an easy to update process for your changing needs. We can also build static websites as well as eCommerce shopping carts.

About Me

Hello! I’m Tom.

I’ve been doing Graphic and Web Design for over 15 years. I have experience with the most up to date web trends, developments and extreme changes throughout the years and have always had a steady passion for the industry throughout. I’m always up for different challenges and would love to help create your next web site or project!

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