Web & Graphic Design

We can create beautiful and effective websites for you for any occasion. It can be anything from smaller brochure
websites for a club or an event, small business or company and we can create shopping carts for e-commerce! Your website is designed from your direct input but also with my professional guide to ensure you’re not only getting a beautiful professional design, but also what you want!

Logo Design

We can create a beautiful logo and design or re-design for your company or small business.


Brand / Identity Design

Full design suite with mockups. The feel, design, and overall message your brand or identity for your company. 

Discussed Content Strategy

Your website’s content is carefully taken into consideration. We will create different formats to make sure what you do is shown efficiency and all resources are available without trouble.

Your content should be found exactly as it was intended and to have the best chances to be found via search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Your information is tracked via Google Analytics!


We define the goal of your website and get focused on what you’re looking to do.



We then focus on the design, and start coming up with a few different ideas. I’ll provide a couple designs initially to get a better idea of what you’re looking to do.


We then take those designs and refine into a final design to make sure it’s the most accurate to what the website will look like.


We then take your refined design and start building into whichever platform we agree on. I recommend and create websites mostly in WordPress because of the powerful content management tools, and easy to update process. I can build static websites as well as eCommerce Shopping carts! Any other platform I can work in but would have to be agreed on before work starts.